Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Roomba 805 Review

Roomba 805 review

The world is changing at incredible fast rates and robot cleaning market shows the same trend. The emergence of robotic vacuum proves that technology has no boundaries. They give amazing power to people who answer them for everyday activities.

In this case, the leading companies now have robot. In a fierce competition from rivals, the company continues to publish their products with more advanced technology. Roomba 805 Roomba 800 series is a smart, easy and effective vacuum cleaner which covers. If you want a new vacuum cleaner with great suction strength and different cleaning capacity, Roomba 805 is a good alternative. In general, the robot is equipped with iAdapt Navigation, which enables the machine to clean the edges with the whole house, under the furniture, around the barriers and a little error.

This Roomba 805 review will concentration on all the good and bad points of Roomba 805. Therefore, make sure that you read everything carefully to know how to fit his strengths and weaknesses and needs.


Today, the appearance plays an important role in this competitive market. Modern customers buy cool products other than other important items such as cleanliness, versatility and stability etc. Before learning anything related to technical information, buyers usually pay attention to handsome products. As a result, those products have more opportunities to sell themselves.

Speaking of Roomba 805, vacuum canter design is available only in black color. In the middle, there is a clean button to start the machine with green color. Also, the machine is quite light, about 8.4 pounds, and very portable. Roomba 805 can run around your home with little effort.

Roomba 805 review

Suction Power

Suction power is the most important feature in vacuum cleaner. iRobot improved the suction power of the Roomba 805 compared to the previous model.

It is a soft-touch bumper that is used to detect walls and barriers and slow down to reach furniture and walls to help prevent them from being harmful.

The machine is equipped with high-efficiency filters which are 99% of allergens, pollen and particles smaller as 10 microns. This feature makes up to 50% more effective clean performance.

Roomba 805 uses masters to push the debris in the way of the clean system as it masters at the sweeping dirt from the edge of the wall.

The machine can avoid stairs and other drop-downs. It is capable of adjusting the carpets, tiles, hardwood floors and laminating floors while operating automatically.

Two dual modes of virtual wall barrier Roomba 805 make it clean and determine any place less or require additional cleaning.

Roomba 805 is able to navigate around using the navigator sensor and adapt to your home. This is a special feature due to adapter navigation.


This device ensures that the Roomba automatic floor cleaning vacuum cleaner is where you do not want it to be located in and away from the place. Dual mode virtual wall barrier comes in two modes. To enable two modes; The dual mode virtual wall barrier can be flicked up or down which is a switch.

Virtual Wall mode – switch “up.” If enabled, virtual wall mode is enabled. This enables the device to function as a wall that can only be provided by the Roomba auto-flock vacuum cleaner. Without considering the position, the device creates a triangular field around its surroundings, leaving the Roomba 805 distance up to 4 feet (3 meters).

Halo mode – The halo mode is enabled when the switch is turned on “down”. This enables the device to create a special protective layer or as a bowl so that the Roomba does not prevent automatic flock vacuum cleaner items and authority over them. It spread across an area as large as 24 inches across the spread of a cyclone control field.                          


There are durable and modern designs of vacuum cleaning products in the market; However, only a few may appear as a location that can help you to clear your position clearly. Does the IRBOT Roomba 805 make an acceptable product in the market? Let’s buried deep to learn more about this in the Roomba 805 review.


One of the most important features to consider when purchasing a floor cleaner is that it functions as a super clean functionality that they can perform. Your cleaning system does not give you a spotless shine on your floor, then the point of buying it in the first place?

iRobot Roomba 805 decorates itself with two reasons. One high efficiency clear filter which removes particles up to 10 microns. This means that the machine does not waste the dust of the dust, but it also suits allergens and pollen. With a clean rate of up to 99%, the users are sure to give a high hygiene floor.

Secondly, the device installs a high-powered suction pump that can suck 5 times more air than the previous floor cleaning model. The new Roomba 805 combines both, quickly becomes cleaner, which strikes every similar product in the market.


Cleanliness is one thing; How users are in search mode is a device that is beautifully delighted while traveling around the house. The new iRobot Roomba fulfills the requirements for its customers. It’s an impressive and compelling design that surrounds eye-catching features.

However, only one side of this design is available in black color. Although, the machine can be quite light and easily sorted and placed somewhere. It is considered to be 8.5 pounds before, which makes the machine portable.


Contrary to the predecessors of the Roomba series, 800 only beautiful aesthetic, strong suction pumps and skill filters are equipped only. IRBOT Roomba 805 has an advanced chipset that enables the device to be more sophisticated and quicker to clean. It sweeps the floor of the floor and avoids to spare in moving around the house. Until the sensor detects each particle at a particular point, the device cannot move any more space at the next point.


The Roomba 805 is designed with automatic adaptation features. It comes with spinning side brushes which can push a form of debris during the cleaning process. Roomba 805 also makes good clean adjustments on carpets and tiles. It is programmed to adjust when brushing the hardwood and laminate floor, and the rugs and carpets have been effectively and successfully converted.


iRobot Roomba 805 uses a 3-stage cleaning system. It works more effectively than 5 xs compared to other models which are designed to run a clean sweep on your floor using a high suction power. This vacuum suck enables you to take the most awful dirt clogs in the darkest corners of your house. From just a debris to small particles, the device performs a 3-level cleaning process, which is powered by lithium-ion batteries, which ensures an amazing cleanliness.


Roomba 805 is a device that automatically detects its home base and is able to recharge itself for subsequent use. This is one of the few reasons you can use the 7x device for the week. While your device is in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, it can be relocated to your homecoming beacon after it is clean and can automatically fix itself for full recharge.


We have mentioned the few prominent Pros and Cons in our Roomba 805 review to give a better insight on the product for our customers.


  • Simply operable.
  • Edge sweeping functionality.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Self-adjustment controls.
  • Smart and intelligent sensors
  • Thumbs-down-icon
  • Highly durable.
  • Easy to access.
  • Soft touch bumper.


  • Only available in Black.
  • It does not target all the field daily but over a couple of days, it cleans all the portion.
  • People having large houses usually need to routine it daily rather than once for the whole week.


In conclusion, the best way to think in terms of words is the iRobot Roomba 805, an incredibly useful device that performs a perfect clean sweep for all types of floor settings. It is automatic-adjustable and it is a suction pump which works better than 5x of the previous model. This device is lightweight and can easily remove hose, hair or almost no debris that can be harmful to surrounding environment. You can check more reviews from homeplix.

If you want a fast packed, automatic rechargeable, durable and portable cleaning device where you can sit back and relax, clean the floor yourself, then this device is a perfect fit. That said, we finished our Roomba 805 review, I hope you enjoy it.

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