This switch lets you turn on and turn off the lights with a simple gesture

turn on and turn off the lights

Applying motion detectors to on and off the lighting systems is not new. Professional sectors have been used for years with the intention of saving electricity and also to avoid the proliferation and spread of microbes.

Now a Canadian company called Ubiquilux has decided to create a version as light switch called Emotion that can be used in home environments and is designed both to save and to facilitate the daily lives of people with disabilities.

 turn on and turn off the lights
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Installation is very simple, since just replace the traditional switch for your model and can begin to turn on and turn off the lights with a simple gesture of the hand moving up and down or side to side if we want function is to use the dimmer.

The detector operates at distances of up to 15 cm and has a light sensor that detects sunlight in the room so that we can activate the “Active Energy Saver” function to shut down the only lights when it is day.

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Price and Availability

The new switch Ubiquilux will in principle only for the US market for a price of around $80, but if successful, it would not be surprising that would expand to other markets.

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