How to light your house

Lighting your home

In our homes, like the furniture, lighting plays a major role. Know how to light the house and how to correctly position the lights in a house, in fact, it helps to enhance an object or space, so as to create a special atmosphere.

In the selection of light sources at home we must consider some factors that will guide the purchase: the size and shape of the premises to be illuminated; activities that we used to play in them; time when the average lamp stays on in the day; arrangement of furniture and colors of the walls.

Lighting your home
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So here’s the first part of a small guide on how to light the house, room by room.

Living area

The part of the house certainly more complex to illuminate, because we usually pursue activities different from them. It must therefore be equipped with a lighting system specific to each functional zone, choosing the direct light, but also that diffused or indirect. If you wonder how to light the house, therefore, in the living room will be useful adjustable reflectors to be mounted on a ceiling track or recessed.

For the area intended for the conversation and the TV it can be prepared a kind of uniform illumination but not too intense, that not overdrive the view: will do fine of recessed spotlights combined with floor lamps. If you have an armchair to relax with a book you like, place them behind a table lamp or floor lamp. And if you want to enhance the light paintings or objects that have exposed in furniture or on shelves in the living room, you can buy the lamps to be placed on the wall above the paintings hanging, spotlights to be placed on a shelf or even cash in the shelf above what you want to illuminate.

Kitchen and dining table

The lighting in the kitchen with us and guide us in carrying out various activities. Lights fires, worktops and dining table. The kitchen needs, as the workplace of an optimal lighting, intense and shadowless.

In the kitchen sink, worktops, fires are used to handle and prepare foods and dishes, to read recipes or control the cooking of culinary preparations, to clean the dishes. In addition to general lighting of the kitchen, we can think of to shed light on the work surface with spotlights to be collected on the bottom of the wall units.

Sleeping area

In the bedrooms we have to think of combining the light of a general ceiling or chandelier or sconces, dealing with project a diffused light throughout the environment, also additional sources of light for the bedside tables, mirrors and any closet.

On bedside tables next to the bed can fit lamps made in different shapes and materials: what matters is not that spread light throughout the room, disturbing even those who want to rest. To illuminate the interior of the cabinet or closet, instead, we can use halogen or fluorescent tubes, which project light without causing tissue damage or alter the colors of the garments. Above the mirrors instead you can use spotlights.

How to light your house: The room

In our little guide on how to light the house, where children play many activities (study, play, rest, read, etc.), which need the right lighting. In the bedroom, then, it is a ready source illuminating the main ceiling (ceiling or chandelier, but up to prevent both bumped), which combine a table lamp for the desk to perform the tasks, remembering that the light must come from the side opposite hand with writing, and an adjustable spotlight wall or a table lamp for the bedside. Things to avoid, especially if you have young children, floor lamps and floor lamps that may be impacted in the game and become dangerous objects for children.

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