Finding a robot to wash, iron and fold clothes is costing more than 60 million dollars

robot to wash,

The Japanese company Seven Dreamers Laboratories presenting surprised Landroid last year, a discreet but huge robot that handles recognizes neatly folded clothes and take them out. A project that received significant support, and we now know that the Panasonic investment has reached 60 million dollars in this robot that folds clothes.

The news comes from the hand of the BBC, where we see some pictures of the time of submission of Laundroid at CEATEC (Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies). And it is not strange to call him Panasonic attention to them since 2012 when seeking options for appliances can differentiate between garments or stains.

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60 million reasons to have faith

In the presentation of Laundroid spoke that the prototype was a germ of a system that would be combined with the cabinets of the house so that the task of ironing and folding was automated even more and was more efficient than the human traction, speaking of a homes built in 2010. So while at first system the robot takes 5 to 10 minutes to fold a garment , the idea is that this time is reduced.

As we said, from the outset the project of Seven Dreamers counted not only with the support of the giant Panasonic, but also with that of Daiwa House, another Japanese company dedicated to appliances. We now know that the amount invested by Panasonic are 60 million, which corresponds to 10% of the project. According to the BBC, the company has “provided experts” to create an all-in-one device that also flushes and dries, with a release date planned for 2019.

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The BBC quoted some criticisms related to “frivolous” or the fact that it is a “waste of talent of engineers” linking to TechinAsia, where in fact described as the worst in this edition of CEATEC. But the fact is that, in addition to the substantial investment of these companies (the Panasonic, remember, is only 10%), we have already seen more focused on this task, as robots FoldiMate, which itself a price is said and Approximately 700-850 dollars.

The future of Laundroid in terms of its market, both in reference to everything you can do and its price, we still do not know anything and we will have to wait at least a couple of years (when Seven Dreamers spoke of a first commercial version For this year that has not arrived). We’ll see if it compensates those 9,000 hours which the company dedicated our lives to fold clothes.

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