IKEA commitment to “smart home” and launches collection of intelligent lighting

IKEA wants everyone to have the chance to have a smart house and therefore launches a collection of intelligent lighting consists of LED bulbs, light panels and doors. This new range incorporates as a new regulator that offers the possibility of adapting both the light quantity and the use of cold or warm light in three simple steps, a basic aspect of any smart home.

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The small changes in lighting at home or in the workplace can have a great influence on our well-being and even intellectual activities we do. Studies show that there is a difference between the use of cold light and warm light, the first of them more suitable for the study and the second for rest and relaxation, as we have said on other occasions.

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The new collection includes intelligent lighting LED bulbs TRÅDFRI with remote control, light panels and light FLOALT filling and JORMLIEN doors for cabinets METOD BESTÅ and kitchens . This is a solution with which any wiring is not necessary. It is only necessary to change the traditional model LED bulb TRÅDFRI.

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The fact that this technology is inside each bulb and its regulator enables use in any type of lamp old it is and it is also compatible with traditional bulbs measures .Furthermore, each remote control can direct TRÅDFRI to ten lamps at once.

The idea is to generalize the use of intelligent lighting that until now seen as a luxury available to few, the collection presents IKEA is cheaper than others in the same style on the market and very easy to use. Also in the coming years plans to launch other different products that allow us, along with these, go about building their smart homes.

The only problem is that this new collection of IKEA will initially be launched in four pilot markets and in other countries, this collection will be launched in April 2017 … So we wait.

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