Size and space in the room – TV Buying Guide

TV Buying Guide

We will not tire of saying, as far as television is concerned, size does matter, and much, although in this case wants bigger say not always better. Today in our guide to buying a TV, let’s talk about the size and space in the room.

Inevitably it is tempted by large screens, especially in the store where you do not seem so great because of the proportions of the space, but the smartest choice is one that fits the usual viewing distance, which is what separates our TV couch or chair to sit wherever we go. » Read more

Buy Smart TV or not Smart TV – TV Buying Guide

Smart TV

Once we have more or less clear idea of the type of screen that interests us Plasma, LCD or LED it is time to continue to raise more issues affecting deciding which TV to buy.

In addition, the next question is whether to look for a Smart TV or not. That is a television that allows us to see the signal received through DTT or more, much more. Moreover, that much more goes from access to connected to the local network and Internet content devices.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart TV is something that we saw long ago in Smart Home, yet a special Smart TV where we address that and other issues. However, it never hurts to remember, a Smart TV is basically a TV with an operating system that allows the use of different applications and connects to The Internet. » Read more

The importance of real Hz TV – TV Buying Guide

TV Buying Guide

After seeing the most important aspects when buying a TV, it is time to finish with an overview but not before explaining an issue that creates great confusion. This is the Hertz or soda panel.

A technical concept that manufacturers play for, for marketing their products stand above the competition. Know exactly what they are important. As much or more as the go with these dynamic contrast ratios. » Read more