The home theater gets handsome and elegant thanks to this system 5.1 wireless Sonos

Home theater

Involved in a process of installing a new TV at home had to remove a piece of furniture to remove the transformer and the impression was important because the amount of cables with which I ran into was more than important.

Wiring Blu-ray, telephone and of course, the home theater system. Instead of dust and dirt that always makes me long for wirelessly connected devices as this system has created Sonos 5.1 and is composed of a sound bar Playbar, speakers Play: 1 and Sub subwoofer. » Read more

The importance of automatic correction in home theater equipment

Home theater

After saving for months or years, you go to the store and you spend a small fortune on your brand new sound system. Whether it’s a bar, sound base, a kit 5.1 or an AV receiver, you get all excited at home, plug it in, you start to watch a movie and that does not sound as expected.

You have a poor or excessive bass response, with sharp smudged and exaggerated media. What is going on? It should not sound perfect factory. Well, in an ideal world, yes, but probably your house is far from being an ideal room for music listening, hence the great importance of embedded systems for acoustic correction. » Read more