Get the best sound quality with your Home Cinema following these simple steps in positioning the speakers

Home Cinema

We have spoken many times of how to get a better sound quality at home through quality speakers and sound equipment, but not so often we discussed how to get the best quality within our means and depending on the location of the speakers.

And in this article we will discuss how we put the speakers in our Home Cinema, either in the system variants 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 so that the sound obtained provide the highest quality, always clear, depending on the circumstances of our home, as furniture, space or cabling options.

We go from the need to use these cables (assuming you do not have at home a home wireless Cinema), so we will have to carry out small tasks DIY almost certainly, in a previous study of the meters Cable we may need as well as the places you have to spend, but especially the places where we will place the satellites of our team.

And there are real wonders of theater at home that may remain in mediocrity if we do not carry out proper installation, because no, it’s not about riding a movie theater at home, but at least as near as possible with a few simple tips.

So without further ado let’s see how to place the speakers properly to improve the sound in home theater equipment. » Read more

Philips SoundStage, home cinema that seeks to become the best friend of our televisions

Philips SoundStage

Philips has just introduced the new concept of home cinema SoundStage, which seeks to become the best friend of our TV, offering consumers a brilliant sound quality on a modern, minimalist and elegant. Consisting of a wooden cabinet with integrated speakers, the new Philips Soundstage will not only enjoy the sound of home theater, but also as a support for supporting the TV plan, up to 55 inches, becoming a new plug design for the hall. A product that meets the needs of users looking for the highest quality, but also a touch of design. Not surprisingly, technology has become an essential part of our daily lives and our leisure type also take preferred occupying places in our homes, which is why more and more computers and devices that eliminate cable is demanded, and take up less space They integrate seamlessly with the rest of the decor. » Read more

Searching for the best sound on the TV: The speakers to the bars and home cinema

Sound Bar

Jumping CRT TVs, traditional tube to LCD and plasma TVs (although the latter have already virtually passed away) has given us many advantages. LCD technology allows us to enjoy much thinner, lighter and larger diagonal screen devices. In addition, the image quality has improved greatly over the past decade, allowing TVs that can buy today offer a fantastic overall quality.

But not everything is advantages. There is a section that has come to pass unfavorably technology CRT to LCD panels: the sound. It really does not depend on the audio system used to restore images but is closely linked to the characteristics of the chassis of the TV, which acts as a sounding board. And LCD TVs is extremely thin, which imposes impossible to overcome physical limitations that clearly impoverish their sound. » Read more

Three key ideas that you have to consider when purchasing your home cinema

Key Ideas for Home Cinema

Christmas is coming and many took advantage of this week to renew or update any of our audio and video equipment, but sometimes we are guided by factors such as design or most outstanding performance without thinking about what we really need.

The sector of sound devices for home theater or home cinema sets is one of the most complex markets because of the multitude of makes and models available are added features and specifications difficult to understand for lay users in the field. However, there are three basic ideas that we should take in mind when we go to the store, keys to choose a good model that fits our needs and not regret a few months. » Read more