Total TV Purchase Guide: Technology, Size, Design and Prices

TV Purchase Guide

The old “silly box” has evolved a lot in recent years, becoming one of the devices with more technology integrated under its housing that we can have in our rooms. It is precisely this complexity that prevents us from knowing everything they are capable of offering and even puts obstacles in the way of deciding to buy our ideal model, making us doubt about what functionality we need.

Is it better to have a flat or curved TV, with 3D or without 3D, with LED or OLED panel, will I take advantage of 4K or better Full HD? If these questions are around your head and you are thinking about buying new TV, keep reading and clarify your doubts once and for all. » Read more

Roomba 896, the secret is in the brushes

Roomba 896

A few years ago I bought my first Roomba, and I could not be happier with the purchase. Yes it is true that it does not replace a traditional vacuum cleaner (it does not have the same power and can not reach places like sofas, beds, etc.), but for daily cleaning and in my home it is an essential appliance. And more if, as in my case, you have cats that are releasing hair without stopping.

That’s why I really wanted to try the Roomba 896, a more advanced and recent model than my own, and the truth is that I’ve taken a surprise. Despite having some shade, this model of robot vacuum cleaner manages to significantly improve some aspects in which the Roombas of the entry range do not perform as well. Let’s see it thoroughly in our analysis. » Read more

Turn your home into an intelligent one with these domotic ecosystems

smart home

A few years ago, home connectivity and home automation systems were only available to a privileged few with sufficient resources to install the different sensors and equipment necessary for the operation of basic applications with rough interfaces and sometimes complex to use.

Fortunately the situation is changing radically and nowadays thanks to the incorporation of small fragments of intelligence in the different devices of the home it is possible to create connected dwellings capable of offering us a multitude of options. However, we still have the problem of fragmentation. That is to say, there are many alternative protocols and brands, often incompatible with each other, so we must choose very well the system that we are going to opt for. » Read more

Do you use LED bulbs at home? These are the fundamental factors that will encourage you to take the leap

LED bulbs

The lights and LED lighting systems increasingly take center stage in our homes. They have done it almost without realizing it. A type of lighting that has been imposed little by little and what used to be light bulbs are now LED lights and if not only it is necessary to look like the traditional Christmas bulbs are already history. The era of the incandescent light bulb is over.

LED lighting is a reality, but many traditional light bulbs remain in our homes. When changing, the ideal is to make the leap to LED technology but if you are not clear why you should do it, here we are going to list a few reasons.

Some reasons that also tell us that LED lighting is not the future, but the present of our homes and motives has for it. The acronyms LED come from Light Emitting Diode (semiconductor diode that emits light when being crossed by an electrical current) and to “convince you” we are going to enumerate the amount of advantages that offer at the time of valuing its use. » Read more

The Fujitsu air conditioners include the Human Sensor system to optimize energy savings

Fujitsu air conditioners

The Japanese firm Fujitsu has presented its new range of air conditioners and splits for this year 2018. Some air conditioning systems that include a presence control system called “Human Sensor” that is responsible for detecting when there are users in the room to regulate the temperature automatically and thus adapt to the needs of each person. » Read more

Flexible v metal ductwork: the differences

Ducting for ventilation, heating, air conditioning and dust extraction systems is used to guide and contain the airflow. There are two principal types – solid metal ducts and flexible ducts – but what are the relative merits of each and which should you use?

Metal Ducts

Metal ducts are usually made from either aluminium or galvanized steel. They last longer than other types if properly maintained, but metal ducting it is more complex to install. It will therefore usually need to be designed by heating and ventilation experts, taking into account all of the aspects of the ventilation or heating system such as the position and type of dust extraction, heating and air conditioning plants.

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Metal ducts also tend to take up more space, so the room available in the building and its overall design will be key too. All of this tends to make metal ducting a more expensive option, but its more robust nature may pay off in lower maintenance costs over the long term.

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Flexible Ducts

Flexible ducting can be made of a variety of materials, including rubber, stainless steel, polyurethane, and polyester fabric. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with rigid metal ducting.

The choice of material used will depend partly on the nature of the building and on the use to which the ducting is being put. For example, insulated flexible duct from suppliers such as can be used in warm air distribution systems. Some materials offer better erosion resistance, making them more suitable for applications like dust extraction.

Flexible ducting is easier to install and doesn’t need as much planning as a rigid metal solution. It can also be used to act as a flue in gas installations. It still needs to be properly installed, however, and properly maintained.

When installing it’s important to avoid any sharp turns or kinks that might compromise the efficiency of the system. Flexible ducting needs to be properly supported too. Connections need to be properly fastened and sealed to prevent leakage, especially where flexible and rigid ductwork meet.

Your choice will ultimately be down to the type of system. Flexible ducts are best for relatively short runs, but when designing a complete air distribution system, metal duct work may be preferable and worth the extra planning and expense involved.


Silicone Manufacturing: Key Terms and Phrases

Like many specialist areas, silicone manufacturing has its own lexicon of key words and jargon that is useful to know. Becoming acquainted with this doesn’t just give the brain matter a work out but makes discussing all things related to silicone much easier.

The Basics

The term silicone refers to a particular group of polymers – a large molecule of repeating units – with a silicon and oxygen spine, and organic (in the chemical sense) groups bonded with the silicon. Silicone is versatile as it is stable and resistant to extreme temperatures and conditions. A silicone elastomer is made up of silicone polymers that have been cross-linked to give them an elastic quality. Silicone rubber is a silicone elastomer that is used in a variety of industries. It can also be used for home repairs in the form of a setting, mouldable rubber called Sugru. To learn more about Sugru, see this report from The Guardian.

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Getting More Technical

Vulcanisation is the process by which polymers are cross-linked with heat to give them special properties and more durability. Compression set is the measurement of how well a silicone material can recover its original shape after being compressed. The more closely it returns to its original thickness, the more ability it has to resist being pushed out of shape by external forces.

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Silicone material is a term that encompasses silicone rubber, sponge and sheeting. Silicone sheeting is produced by a process known as calendering. Silicone foam can also make sheets and gaskets that are used for sealing, insulating and protecting in many industries. Silicone hose is also used in many industries, including automotive, aeronautical and marine, where reliable high performance is required. If you want to find out more about quality silicone hose, it would be a good idea to get in touch with a reputable supplier such as

Silicone has a wide variety of applications and can be engineered with a range of additives to exhibit many different and useful properties. It can even be cured with platinum or manufactured to high standards of purity for use in food industries. When produced to high specifications, silicone can be used for medical purposes, and its sterile, durable qualities make it an excellent choice when long-lasting materials that do not react or become contaminated easily are needed.

Samsung announces the arrival of its new connected washing machines of the QuickDrive 8 Series

Samsung Washing Machine

At the beginning of the year, we learned about Samsung’s commitment to smart appliances so that in the future, not so distant, they could be common in our kitchens. Refrigerators and washing machines connected, although their date of arrival to the market was unknown.

But little by little we know details and so today it is the turn of the new family of washing machines of the Korean firm. This is the Samsung QuickDrive 8 Series, some washing machines that Samsung brings and that are a whole technology cluster. Some washing machines that are integrated into the QuickDrive family and that have been presented. » Read more

Botvac D5 Connected: Laser navigation and mobile app to stand up to Roomba

Botvac D5

The sector of robot vacuum cleaners is populated by dozens of alternatives, which are usually divided into two different ranges. On the one hand there is the entry range with cheaper models, while on the other hand we have a high range with much higher prices, but with a greater number of technologies and innovation.

Today we are going to analyze one of these high-end vacuum cleaners, the Botac D5 Connected from Neato, which has been the flagship of the company until the presentation of the D7 Connected a few months ago at the IFA 2017 in Berlin. We have been testing him for a few weeks to see what his weapons are to make a place in your home over his eternal rival, the Roombas of iRobot. » Read more

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