Choosing An Affordable Web Design Company

Choosing an affordable Web design company can be somewhat difficult. There are many cheap design companies out there, but they usually offer cheaper prices because they are cutting corners somewhere. You need an affordable design company that doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg, but you still get all the quality and support you need from the design company. Make sure the company you choose has all these characteristics. » Read more

Dyson lets you control the air quality in your home with new purifiers connected


The arrival of air conditioners and new cooling systems household have failed to end the classic fans and purifiers, apparatuses that although they may look old offer more interesting options on the market and adapted to the times in which mobile applications play a key role. And that’s what shows Dyson with new purifiers.

A new range of smart connected devices that tell us about the air quality in our home, temperature and while we will allow to eliminate the detected contaminants and all in real time and leaning for it in our smartphone. » Read more

These are the new TRENDnet security cameras to help you monitor your home or business

TRENDnet security cameras

When we talk about surveillance at home, one of the marks references in the wide range we can find is TRENDnet, a company with products ranging from routers to surveillance systems for infants or IP cameras as they are now protagonists and they have been launched considering use at home.

And every time we pay more attention to this aspect, especially and we cannot deny, by the constant increase in which the use of mobile phones is concerned, with applications thanks to the permanent internet connection, will allow us to control everything that happens in our home wherever we are. » Read more

Problems with Wi-Fi at home? These four tips can help you solve them

Wi-Fi at home

The connect to Wi-Fi at home and at workplaces is common, not to say that I miss is the site that does not use Internet for this connection method, so some of the aspects we have to care are the referring to the location and forms when placing the emitter point of the wireless signal.

We have already spoken on other occasions of possible ways to increase coverage capacity of our Wi-Fi using applications or the use of repeaters that will facilitate the signal of our network to reach more points of our location and even more strongly, a few steps but do not have to make us lose sight about basic rules to follow.

This is a series of tips, recommendations that regardless the use of applications or devices designed to improve our coverage, may make either or these are dispensable or almost safely help further improve its functions. » Read more

You go on holiday? Five simple tips to keep safe gadgets and computers in your home

keep safe gadgets and computers in your home

Easter, one of the seasons in which many took the opportunity to leave home to enjoy a relaxing holiday, leaving behind us a small swarm of approaches devices, gadgets and computers at home, alone and unprotected.

Usually one of the objectives of the thieves and cyber criminals seeking a neglect to do with our data, bank accounts and personal information, even nosy neighbors who peep in our digital life in addition to water the plants How protect us from these situations? » Read more

Three free applications to control home from your smartphone or tablet

Smart Home

A while ago we have spoken of the possibilities that are using the smartphone or tablet to control our TV in an easy and simple way using for this purpose the various applications, free in many cases, they put at our disposal the respective app stores.

But control by tablet or phone we have only to restrict it to television, but a host of home appliances now offer the option to be controlled remotely. Take for example the lighting by using LED bulbs, air conditioning, blinds, heating systems … a whole world at our feet and to do that better than having care applications, some applications that we will review in this case with three interesting­­ that allow us to have our house in the palm of your hand. » Read more

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