Aéromax VM compact heat pump allows you to use aerothermy to heat the house efficiently

Aéromax VM compact heat pump

We are in an era in which many of us already think of the systems to heat the home, always with the cold in mind to combat the high temperatures. Air conditioners, even those models designed for the connected home, are protagonists at this time of year, a period that although it does not seem so is ideal to think about mounting a heating system at home.

At this time the demand is lower and the supply is wide. Systems to heat our house among which the aerotermia stands out, a type of air conditioning that now has a new model that is signed by the Thermor brand. It is the Aéromax VM heat pump. » Read more

Turn your home into an intelligent one with these domotic ecosystems

smart home

A few years ago, home connectivity and home automation systems were only available to a privileged few with sufficient resources to install the different sensors and equipment necessary for the operation of basic applications with rough interfaces and sometimes complex to use.

Fortunately the situation is changing radically and nowadays thanks to the incorporation of small fragments of intelligence in the different devices of the home it is possible to create connected dwellings capable of offering us a multitude of options. However, we still have the problem of fragmentation. That is to say, there are many alternative protocols and brands, often incompatible with each other, so we must choose very well the system that we are going to opt for. » Read more

Flexible v metal ductwork: the differences

Ducting for ventilation, heating, air conditioning and dust extraction systems is used to guide and contain the airflow. There are two principal types – solid metal ducts and flexible ducts – but what are the relative merits of each and which should you use?

Metal Ducts

Metal ducts are usually made from either aluminium or galvanized steel. They last longer than other types if properly maintained, but metal ducting it is more complex to install. It will therefore usually need to be designed by heating and ventilation experts, taking into account all of the aspects of the ventilation or heating system such as the position and type of dust extraction, heating and air conditioning plants.

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Metal ducts also tend to take up more space, so the room available in the building and its overall design will be key too. All of this tends to make metal ducting a more expensive option, but its more robust nature may pay off in lower maintenance costs over the long term.

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Flexible Ducts

Flexible ducting can be made of a variety of materials, including rubber, stainless steel, polyurethane, and polyester fabric. It can be used on its own or in conjunction with rigid metal ducting.

The choice of material used will depend partly on the nature of the building and on the use to which the ducting is being put. For example, insulated flexible duct from suppliers such as https://www.dustspares.co.uk/flexible-ducting/insulated-flexible-duct.html can be used in warm air distribution systems. Some materials offer better erosion resistance, making them more suitable for applications like dust extraction.

Flexible ducting is easier to install and doesn’t need as much planning as a rigid metal solution. It can also be used to act as a flue in gas installations. It still needs to be properly installed, however, and properly maintained.

When installing it’s important to avoid any sharp turns or kinks that might compromise the efficiency of the system. Flexible ducting needs to be properly supported too. Connections need to be properly fastened and sealed to prevent leakage, especially where flexible and rigid ductwork meet.

Your choice will ultimately be down to the type of system. Flexible ducts are best for relatively short runs, but when designing a complete air distribution system, metal duct work may be preferable and worth the extra planning and expense involved.


Silicone Manufacturing: Key Terms and Phrases

Like many specialist areas, silicone manufacturing has its own lexicon of key words and jargon that is useful to know. Becoming acquainted with this doesn’t just give the brain matter a work out but makes discussing all things related to silicone much easier.

The Basics

The term silicone refers to a particular group of polymers – a large molecule of repeating units – with a silicon and oxygen spine, and organic (in the chemical sense) groups bonded with the silicon. Silicone is versatile as it is stable and resistant to extreme temperatures and conditions. A silicone elastomer is made up of silicone polymers that have been cross-linked to give them an elastic quality. Silicone rubber is a silicone elastomer that is used in a variety of industries. It can also be used for home repairs in the form of a setting, mouldable rubber called Sugru. To learn more about Sugru, see this report from The Guardian.

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Getting More Technical

Vulcanisation is the process by which polymers are cross-linked with heat to give them special properties and more durability. Compression set is the measurement of how well a silicone material can recover its original shape after being compressed. The more closely it returns to its original thickness, the more ability it has to resist being pushed out of shape by external forces.

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Silicone material is a term that encompasses silicone rubber, sponge and sheeting. Silicone sheeting is produced by a process known as calendering. Silicone foam can also make sheets and gaskets that are used for sealing, insulating and protecting in many industries. Silicone hose is also used in many industries, including automotive, aeronautical and marine, where reliable high performance is required. If you want to find out more about quality silicone hose, it would be a good idea to get in touch with a reputable supplier such as https://www.goodflexrubber.com/pages/silicone-hose-manufacture.

Silicone has a wide variety of applications and can be engineered with a range of additives to exhibit many different and useful properties. It can even be cured with platinum or manufactured to high standards of purity for use in food industries. When produced to high specifications, silicone can be used for medical purposes, and its sterile, durable qualities make it an excellent choice when long-lasting materials that do not react or become contaminated easily are needed.

We explain how to fine-tune the home heating systems before the arrival of the first cold

home heating systems

The arrival of the first cold, one of the fundamental steps is to have the house ready to face the drop in temperatures. From the outset we assume that we have good insulation (doors, windows, floors, walls …), so the fundamental step is focused on making use of some basic tool to verify the good condition of our heating system making use of some tool Basic.

This is the case of the use of some basic tool radiators, gas stoves and electric stoves making use of some basic tool, devices that after several months unemployed return to activity, so it is convenient to make a small review to check that they work correctly. It is a process that will only take a few minutes. » Read more

Tips for Appropriately Handling Computer Parts


As important as computers have become in our world today, that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone intuitively understands how to handle them properly. Of course, even the slightest mishandling can have irreversible effects on a circuit board, or a monitor, or even a keyboard. With that in mind, and in order to help you avoid an unfortunate issue in the future, this guide will look at a few ways in which you can protect your computer parts and ensure that you don’t ruin them before you’ve had a chance to really put them to good use.

Protect Your Circuit Board

Handling a circuit board can be a difficult task. Aside from obvious issues that can result from dropping a circuit board, or putting into contact with dangerous materials, there’s also the problem of static electricity. If someone hasn’t really grounded themselves properly before handling a circuit board, it can cause serious issues. It’s for this reason that it’s a good idea to invest in circuit board protection, especially if you plan on transporting any number of circuit boards from one location to another. With adequate protection, the boards themselves can avoid any unnecessary damage from static electricity or other common problems.

Don’t Overwork Your Computer

If you’re someone who tries to get as much use as possible out of their equipment before upgrading, you might run into issues with your computer sooner than you think. While computers can be reliable for a decent period of time, even the best will start to falter if the right maintenance steps aren’t taken. With that in mind, you should aim to replace parts every few years as they start to become an issue. For instance, hard drives can start to fail after a period of a few years, and this problem will only continue to compound on itself until it’s taken care of. As frustrating as this may be to deal with, there is one benefit: price drops. Over time, computer equipment drops in price while improving in quality, and this is something that a savvy tech enthusiast can take advantage of in order to keep their computer in top condition.

Maintaining your computer requires careful thought and consideration, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a fun experience. If you’re not someone who normally handles a computer, then hopefully this guide has provided you with enough information to make it feel less intimidating.

Why Compact Refrigerators Are Not Always the Best Deal

Dueling refrigerators

Many people believe that a smaller appliance is going to naturally be more energy efficient, but this is not the case when it comes to compact refrigerators. The truth of the matter indicates you might be better off purchasing a normal size refrigerator if you are looking to be more energy conscious.

Some Smaller Refrigerators Use MORE Energy

Looking at the statistics for energy use with all sizes of refrigerators can seem like they are all over the map, but you would expect a smaller version to use markedly fewer amounts of electricity. This is not so. In fact, some models actually show an increased amount used for a comparable average size model of refrigerator. Surprising? This is mostly due to the design of the smaller appliance.

Heat Dissipation Methods

Larger refrigerators are designed to get rid of heat through the use of an external fan and condenser. Smaller units depend on the outside walls of the appliance to dissipate the heat. This is most effective in a room that is kept at an optimal temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, or lower. In other words, you have to provide the base temperature that assists in the ability to keep things cooler inside than outside.

Keeping the Environment Cooler Costs More

This design flaw means that placement of the appliance is critical to helping the overall operation. Sticking a small refrigerator in a corner with low airflow, near heat sources, or not having the air conditioning down to a specified level will impede the performance. You could end up paying much more in the long run with added cooling costs and increased energy consumption by the refrigerator during peak heat hours of the day.

Tradeoff of Space for Little Energy Savings and Questionable Efficiency

Efficiency apartments and dorm rooms are incredibly limited on space and there may be very few options when it comes to refrigeration. It is still advisable to attempt to find the space for a normal size refrigerator if at all possible. The smallest size in normal freezer top refrigerators are definitely energy efficient and will provide more storage space for food. A standard model without a bunch of bells and whistles is affordable for most people. It might be the best investment you make.

Contact professional Sub Zero refrigerator repair Key Largo like Sub Zero Repair Centers Fl for all of your immediate repair needs today!

Scanning The Body

At times, your doctor might need to see a few more details inside the body than an x-ray would allow. This is when an MRI or another type of medical digital imaging scan is ordered. The scan is generally painless unless you’re given some kind of contrast through an intravenous line. Even if the contrast is used, there are usually very few side effects on the body and little to no pain involved from the supplies used and the medication itself. An MRI will offer images in a high-resolution so that the doctor can see everything from soft tissues to issues with the skeletal system.

Most of the time, an MRI is used to look at details of the brain and the spinal cord. The scan can help to diagnose everything from aneurysms to tumors. Doctors can use the image results to determine if multiple sclerosis is present or if there are any issues with the vascular system. After a spinal cord injury, an MRI can detect the damage that has occurred to give the doctor a better idea as to what the treatment plan could look like. Brain injuries that result from trauma are also diagnosed using an MRI or another type of magnetic imaging.

An MRI can also be performed to see details of the heart and the blood vessels. The doctor can examine the chambers of the heart and the thickness of the walls of the chambers. The flow of blood can be viewed to see if there are any blockages. If there has been a heart attack, the doctor can see the damage that has been done to the heart. This information can be used to determine what kind of treatment should be done or if surgery might be an option in the future.

There are other areas of the body that can be examined with an MRI. If there is pain in the side or the center of the abdomen, the doctor can order a scan to see if there is anything wrong with the appendix or if there are kidney stones or gallstones. If there are any issues seen, then surgery is often performed. The scan can also view the pancreas, spleen and ovaries.

Body-worn video cameras for Hackney police officers

Some Hackney police officers are going hi-tech in their battle to reduce crime figures in the area, with 500 frontline staff piloting a strategy involving body cameras. Alongside the use of cameras to both deter and identify criminals, they could also help build and strengthen relationships between the police and people in the local community. Crime, and the fear of it, can affect anyone, so having confidence in the abilities of local police officers to reduce the risks and deal with offenders is crucial.

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Smile, you’re on camera

The scheme launched mid-April involves 500 beat police officers and police community support officers (PCSOs), all wearing a visible body worn camera with video capabilities. Issues concerning privacy are addressed by the camera being used following a clear announcement of intention, and as is usual for recording equipment, a red light clearly indicates when the unit is active. Unused recordings are destroyed after 31 days, and the public can request to view footage taken of themselves.

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Police are protected

This approach has already proven itself successful for the British Transport Police, reducing both overall crime levels and incidents of violence towards staff. Other studies show similar results, so there’s a good chance Hackney police officers and PCSOs will secure a positive result from this trial in the coming months.


A major advantage of body-worn video cameras is the opportunity it provides to gather impartial evidence, not just to file complaints and gain successful prosecutions, but also to protect the person wearing the camera. For years companies such as https://www.pinnacleresponse.com/ have supplied body-worn camera equipment to a diverse range of customers, such as staff working with vulnerable people, domestic violence victims and those involved in neighbour or similar anti-social behavior disputes. The resulting footage helps when presenting a case to the law, and to prove innocence as much as guilt.

A win-win situation

By their very nature, body-worn cameras force both those wearing them and those being recorded to take responsibility for their actions, while also reducing the problem of conflicting information presented as evidence. This offers both the police officers and the public a level of reassurance previously out of reach.

While there is no miracle solution for tackling crime, the introduction of recording technology is definitely a positive move forward.

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