I prepare cookies at home helped our Wi-Fi? That’s what gives this oven via Kickstarter


No announcement at this time a telephone operator that humorously refers to the increasing number of devices in our house connect to our Wi-Fi network. The TV, console, mobile and now even some appliances. But where is the limit?

Judging by developments like this at hand, it seems that the ceiling in terms of connected devices is still far and we have much to see. Because let’s face it, when did we think we were going to cook to serve a Wi-Fi? No longer our grandparents … it is that neither we had thought for years. » Read more

How to detect faults in our microwave


The microwave is the perfect place to heat food or drinks we want in seconds or minutes apparatus, but many times the system may fail or function incorrectly. To avoid complications and have to resort to buying a new appliance, we are going to teach to detect and remedy the most common faults.

Ways to detect malfunction in the microwave

Many times, even if there is a malfunction, our microwave can continue to operate but emit a series of signals that we are going to indicate a problem. » Read more

How to clean the oven flawlessly

clean the oven

Here’s how to clean perfectly and naturally oven with baking soda and vinegar!

When fouling, grease, traces of greasy stains and burnt inside of your oven become excessive should take the time to clean.

If until now you relied on chemicals is the time to change strategy. These products are effective but very polluting and dangerous to health because, if not removed properly from the oven surfaces, can be inhaled or attack the foods during the first cooking!

Here is a completely safe method, natural and efficient way to clean your oven. » Read more

Yes, it seems a bottle, but is actually a portable microwave oven!

Wayv portable microwave oven

It’s funny how the microwave oven has quietly become an indispensable item in many kitchens, offices, schools and a lot of places around the world, this because of convenience, easy to use and benefits, because in just minutes we can have a hot meal without much effort.

The technology uses a microwave oven dating back to several decades ago, but that has not prevented that there are currently significant progress in this appliance, but what we now know exceeds, by far, what we have seen before for this type of objects because first we are facing an oven portable microwave. » Read more

Star Clean – New oven cleaning system

Star Clean

Current furnaces, each day we offer more features, improvements in electricity consumption, and better results in the preparation of food, providing moisture and improving the cooking process.

This article will talk a spectacular novelty in relation to cleaning ovens. This innovation is the Star Clean system, and submitted the brand Whirlpool home appliances. » Read more