Whirpool Zera about recycling organic accelerated our kitchens


Whirpool has presented a curious appliance designed for single – family homes in which we have a good garden we need to pay from time to time and a generous kitchen in which to install a large – scale apparatus.

It is Zera a device focused on the recycling of organic waste we generate every day at home and usually throw away but can serve as organic fertilizer following a simple process. » Read more

I prepare cookies at home helped our Wi-Fi? That’s what gives this oven via Kickstarter


No announcement at this time a telephone operator that humorously refers to the increasing number of devices in our house connect to our Wi-Fi network. The TV, console, mobile and now even some appliances. But where is the limit?

Judging by developments like this at hand, it seems that the ceiling in terms of connected devices is still far and we have much to see. Because let’s face it, when did we think we were going to cook to serve a Wi-Fi? No longer our grandparents … it is that neither we had thought for years. » Read more

Samsung is committed to the appliances connected in its new range of smart kitchen

Samsung smart kitchen

The smart appliances are or should be a fundamental part of our connected households, although so far there are few models we find in the shops, giving the feeling of being more typical of fairs and demonstrations commonly used devices available to consumers.

Samsung wants to contribute their bit and this year will bet big for appliances connected with a new range that offers WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as standard and control from mobile terminals and other network equipment. » Read more

This induction cooker allows you to control the cooking temperature accurately

Induction cooker

No matter how modern kitchens that are current, when heating the containers often the only option is to change the intensity of the fire or electricity in a number of preset levels. The food will warm a function of time we let her cooking, without possibility to control its temperature.

Control Freak wants to change precisely this situation by offering precise control of the temperature at which food is cooking, you can select between 30° and 250° C so that it is she who is responsible to keep an eye on us. » Read more

This toaster draws on your breakfast bread with the help of your mobile and home Wi-Fi


Some time ago we could take us to joke that toaster that to carry home a chip that has controlled us (us and toaster) but seeing as in other fields the theme of “remote control” making strides … we will not be surprised by a toaster that draws on our toast, no?

The contraption is under development and responds to the name of Toasteroid (nothing to do with Android). This is a toaster of lifelong but with the difference that has Wi-Fi and an app to connect with our ownsmartphone or tablet.

This is a project that seeks funding for crowdfunding on Kickstarter and for now is on track, as had been proposed $ 150,000 and there are already 190,000. » Read more

BrewArt wants to be the Nespresso beer, capsules and attractive design to make at home


That to make beer at home is fashionable and anyone would seize on creating a system that facilitates the process. We have to go to Australia to meet BrewArt, who wants to be something like a Nespresso machine, but instead of coffee, served us beer.

They have created two different systems, one called BeerDroid and has space to create ten liters of beer, and one that reduces the amount by half and answers to the name BrewFlo. In both cases, it has a handle to carry the beer that was created to the corresponding vessel.

These unique gadgets are signed by Coopers Brewery and are not a flash in the eight years since developing lead. Its creators were clear that this to create beer at home was going to be fashionable, and have been quick forming a system that at least seems quite capable of generating a custom drink. » Read more

A smart trash bin? Qube you saw the kitchen and helps you recycle

smart trash bin

Inevitably, we will get to know more and more everyday gadgets that technology adds them to integrate into the connected home. Sometimes it seems an exaggerated movement, others, we must recognize that come with big ideas. Anyway, until we have them at home, at a moderate price, we will not know if we’re going to really make life easier.

The case before us today has to do with a dustbin, intelligent and connected, helping us to recycle more and have these responsibilities neat and clean. It is called Qube and comes in different models, according to sizes and colors, but many common technologies… » Read more

WaterO is the first smart water filter and truly portable


Sure sounds like a process such as reverse osmosis by which and by using filters can purify a liquid. This is a physical phenomenon in which a component through a semi permeable membrane is diluted so that no energy expenditure this compound can see out certain harmful agents.

The osmosis is a filtering process that until now required complex equipment large and this is where comes to highlight this proposal by the name of WaterO, a small gadget with which to keep purified water we use at home. » Read more

Choose appliances for the kitchen

Appliances for the kitchen

Major appliances

When you buy a new kitchen you have to pay close attention to how to choose appliances that will be members. The appliances are essential given that help us perform better and faster all the daily tasks so it is important to choose them carefully and especially preferring those that meet our needs.

The appliances can choose for your kitchen they are really a lot but there are some that are indispensable and must be inserted inside the furniture just because they are part of the “structure” of the kitchen. » Read more

Buying Kitchen Appliances – Simple Truth

Buy a refrigerator

It’s often the heart of the home and gathering place of the family. There’s no question that the kitchen is where many families spend time. With color choices as well as all the types, functions, features, and more, people can often be left with the questions of where to start in buying the appliances. Let’s start with the simple questions and maybe you can then look into your needs and start the culmination of your new or updated kitchen. » Read more

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