Types refrigerator for the kitchen


The nerve center around which revolves our kitchen is the refrigerator, the perfect place to keep our food in good condition, besides being the most electricity consumed ally. We give to know some of the types of refrigerators best known to consider before buying that best suits your preferences.

The service offered by an appliance such as a refrigerator is so important for our own health we have to pay special attention to the time of purchase if we want food to stay fresh for 365 days a year. Proper management of your content will avoid the fact deteriorating throwing food at the same time save money and resources. Complementary, you will reduce spending on consumables refrigerators, especially plastic film and aluminum foil. » Read more

Samsung Serif TV, a TV design to attract attention in the living room

Samsung Serif TV

In September 2015 we were surprised by the announcement of Samsung to launch a new line of smart TVs that would break completely with the current trend of increasingly close flat screens with little frame and nondescript appearance.

It was the Serif TV, some models that do not incorporate the latest technology panels, 3D images or features smart, but would focus on the design and external appearance of the apparatus, construing the TV as a decorative piece of the modern home.

They have been the personal commitment of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, and after putting on sale the first units in the Asian market in the form of three different models with similar features but with different sizes and resolutions. Thus, we find screens 24, 32 and 40 inch HD resolutions, Full HD and UHD respectively.

We have had the opportunity to try for a few days the version of 40 inches, the characteristics, performance and behavior had to relate below. » Read more

How to choose an inverter air conditioner

Inverter air conditioner

The inverter air-conditioner, when the desired temperature is reached, is able to reduce the electric power absorbed by the compressor. This helps to maintain a constant temperature, eliminating the risk of cold air blows of the traditional air conditioners. Read Buying Guide for knowing characteristics, types, and advice on choosing the best inverter air conditioners for quality, brands, price and consumers opinions.

How to choose

One of the main advantages of these air conditioning units is the optimum level of comfort, which also leads to a considerable reduction in consumption, reaching a percentage of savings of 30% in the case in which the product is kept in operation for 8 consecutive hours. » Read more

WaterO is the first smart water filter and truly portable


Sure sounds like a process such as reverse osmosis by which and by using filters can purify a liquid. This is a physical phenomenon in which a component through a semi permeable membrane is diluted so that no energy expenditure this compound can see out certain harmful agents.

The osmosis is a filtering process that until now required complex equipment large and this is where comes to highlight this proposal by the name of WaterO, a small gadget with which to keep purified water we use at home. » Read more

Sony HT-NT5, ultra-thin sound bar to place under TV

Sony HT-NT5

A few days ago Sony presented its new range of speakers and sound equipment multiroom compatible with Google Cast and designed to carry our favorite music to all corners of the home.

One of these teams barely details were given was the Soundbar HT-NT5, a model of upper-middle range of which we now known more data and technical specifications that we shall discuss below. » Read more

Sony speakers with Google Cast have music wirelessly to every room in house

Sony speakers

We have spoken on other occasions of Google Cast, the brainchild of Google system that enables communication of our gadgets (compatible) to transmit images and sound between them without the need for wires and more and more manufacturers join this trend.

In this case we will talk about Sony, as the Japanese giant has put on the market their new teams of multi-room audio consist of a sound bar and two speakers with the distinction of being compatible with Google Cast so we can have our music in every room of the house. » Read more

How to choose the right LED bulb for every need

LED bulb

After seeing what the LED lighting and types of LED bulbs that can be found is also good to know how to choose the right according to the use or need. To do this we must take into account different aspects such as real power in lumens, the opening angle, temperature and light installation we have at home.

The light output

A lumen is the unit used to express the amount of light that is capable of generating a light bulb. The problem is that the lack of binding by manufacturers not to unify criteria so we can have some problems. However, the theory tells us that an LED is able to generate on its own between 60 and 90 lumens. Any value above is false or low or very optimal circumstances. As data, the record generated by LED lumens was 150 lm / w. For Lumens generates an LED bulb there is a small formula:

Actual lumens = The number of watts x 70.

70 being an average value that matches most of the bulbs in the market. Therefore, an LED bulb 12W offer a light output of 840 lm. Which would replace the light that generates a 60W incandescent bulb? As you can see generating the same amount of light for each saved 48w incandescent bulb that we replace. » Read more

Get the best sound quality with your Home Cinema following these simple steps in positioning the speakers

Home Cinema

We have spoken many times of how to get a better sound quality at home through quality speakers and sound equipment, but not so often we discussed how to get the best quality within our means and depending on the location of the speakers.

And in this article we will discuss how we put the speakers in our Home Cinema, either in the system variants 2.1, 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 so that the sound obtained provide the highest quality, always clear, depending on the circumstances of our home, as furniture, space or cabling options.

We go from the need to use these cables (assuming you do not have at home a home wireless Cinema), so we will have to carry out small tasks DIY almost certainly, in a previous study of the meters Cable we may need as well as the places you have to spend, but especially the places where we will place the satellites of our team.

And there are real wonders of theater at home that may remain in mediocrity if we do not carry out proper installation, because no, it’s not about riding a movie theater at home, but at least as near as possible with a few simple tips.

So without further ado let’s see how to place the speakers properly to improve the sound in home theater equipment. » Read more

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